Download Baby (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

160 min - Action | Crime | Mystery - 23 January 2015 (India) ​

Directors: Neeraj Pandey
Writers: Neeraj Pandey
Stars: Zachary Coffin, Rana Daggubati, Danny Denzongpa


While attempting to rescue a fellow Indian security agent in Turkey, Ajay Rajput (Kumar) discovers a terrorist plot against a Delhi mall which he and Jai (Daggubati) are able to prevent but learn that this was only the first in a series of massive attacks that have been planned. The two are members of Baby, a temporary secret agency dedicated to protecting India from terrorists. A team from Baby follows leads to get escaped terrorist Bilal (Kay Kay) , but all of the squad members on the mission except Ajay are killed in an explosion. Ajay and officer Priya (Pannu) pretend to be husband and wife on a mission in Nepal. When a plan to capture a terrorist logistics planner goes wrong, Priya is trapped alone with him when he discovers she is spying on him. Ajay arrives to find that Priya has knocked out the villain. Feroz (Denzongpa), the head of Baby, sends Ajay to Saudi Arabia where Bilal is making his plans. The Baby agents kill Bilal and capture Maulana (Naz) whom they plan to bring back to India, sedated, under the pretext that he is a relative they need to get to India for a liver transplant. After the discovery of Bilal's death, the Arab police chief first attempts to close on the airport to prevent the murderer's escape and the police almost apprehend the Baby agents, but later when he calls and finds out there are in fact 3 people on the plane headed to India under a medical medical visa, he smiles and lets them escape. After Baby's success at bringing Maulana in to the Indian security, Baby is given permanent status

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