Download The Devils Feast (2007) Subtitle Indonesia

Year: 1978
Duration: 01:07:56
Directed by: Kenji Hanyû
Actors: Hitoshi Kajiki, Chihiro Koganezaki, Arisa Matsumoto
Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

Country: Japan

Also known as: Oni no kaen

Whenever the beautiful Kumiko connects the editorial desk at a tiny local paper, the many deeply held tricks of the powerful and rich leader of a spiritual cult suddenly start finding their way into print in blistering exposes. Scandalous exposes which have actually even much more surprising consequences for the paper’s sales supervisor, Okomoto, and his elegant spouse Shizuyo. Ensnared in the increasing war of wits and chains between the vicious cult master and Kumiko, his former sex servant, Shizuyo finds herself strung in the rope bonds of a pitiless game that combines sensualism with humiliation. Could it be that Shizuyo’s only hope of launch may can be found in the type of her own husband’s mistress? Or is that precisely what the Devil has been planning on all along? From the novels of the late, legendary SM Master Oniroku Dan, prepare to be served unsettling and dark vision of distorted lust and inhuman slavery: THE DEVIL’S FEAST!

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