Download Subway Serial Rape (1985) Subtitle Indonesia

Directed by: Shûji Kataoka
Actors: Mami Fujimura, Eri Ishizaka, Ren Ohsugi, Akira Okamura
Language: Japanese (English subs)
Country: Japan
Also known as: Chikatetsu renzoku reipu

Description: Subway Serial Rape is the first in Kataoka’s quartet of films about young women being attacked on subway cars, and is chock-full of the eroticism, brutality and underworld danger that spawned several sequels and imitators. It also stars a guy who looks like a young Japanese Charles Bronson on the run from the yakuza and lesbian bunny bar hostesses. What’s not to love?
This was a somewhat heinous transfer from the late 1980s, with video generated credits and a slightly more damaged print than many of Nikkatsu’s vintage restorations that you may be used to from me. As with all mid-late 1980s pinku, it was simply an ugly low-budget picture, but I can promise you I’ve done everything I can to present it on DVD in the best shape an old VHS can provide, and managed to voodoo up a progressive/anamorphic transfer. It’s no longer nearly as washed-out, the analog video noise has been considerably lessened, so if you’ve ever seen an old VSOM bootleg odds are this is a pretty dramatic step up. There are some ‘combing’ issues with the credits, but for some dumb reason Nikkatsu re-edited those for 

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