Download Waar (2013) Subtitle Indonesia

| Action, Drama, Thriller | 16 October 2013 (Pakistan)
Director: Bilal Lashari
Writer: Hassan Rana (as Hassan Waqas Rana)
Stars: Shaan Shahid, Hamza Abbasi, Shamoon Abbasi 

 The film is a stylized depiction of events surrounding the war on terror in Pakistan, including the attack on a Police Academy at Lahore in 2009.

Major Mujtaba is a former Pakistan Army officer, who took an early retirement from the service. The plot involves a counter-terrorism operation being conducted in the northwestern tribal region of Pakistan, led by Ehtesham Khattak (played by Hamza Ali Abbasi) and coordinated by his sister, Javeria Khattak (played by Ayesha Khan), an intelligence officer. Ehtesham and Javeria come to know of a major terrorist attack that can only be countered with the help of Major Mujtaba.

Major Mujtaba's family was assassinated by Ramal and he wants to get revenge from Ramal. He knows Ramal from his actions and methods so he can counter his attack. Mulla Siraaj in the tribal area helps Ramal and he gives him two bombs which Ramal is going to plant somewhere in Pakistan. They first conduct an attack on a police training center in order to divert the attention of the security agencies who are watching any suspicious activity because they are reported that a big terrorist activity is imminent. Out of two bombs, one bomb successfully explodes in fort area and kills Ehtesham. Second bomb is planted in Convention Center Islamabad but Major Mujtaba counters this attack and saves the country from another deadly terror incidence. He takes his revenge and kills Ramal. His powerful words are "Good wins over evil in the end" and this happens.

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